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Tube Caps and Plugs

  • Kmac offers caps and plugs to protect your product during assembly, conversion, or shipping.

    Square Tube Plugs and Caps
    Round Tube Plugs and Caps
    Rectangular Tube Plugs and Caps

In LDPE, Polyethylene, Silicon, and Vinyl Materials


Square Vinyl Caps Flexible Flat Top Vinyl Caps Flexible Rounded Tip Vinyl Caps Silicone Caps Silicone Flange Caps
Conductive ESD Tube Caps Tapered Plug / Cap Tapered Flanged Plugs / Caps  LDPE Caps Caps for Threads
Rectangle Vinyl Caps Thread Protection Caps Heavy Wall Caps Sleeve Caps Angle 90 Caps
Hex Vinyl Caps LDPE Tapered Plugs Polyethylene Plugs LDPE Thread Plugs Square Tube Plugs

Round Tube Tapered Plugs

Square Tube Plugs

Vinyl Tapered Plug





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